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Over the course of 70 years of history we have partnered with the largest companies in the area, creating prints, gadgets, clothing and coloring their events. The publishing house of graphics is, in chronological order, the last step to complete a cluster of services based on creativity and professionalism.

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The process

Each order has a story, and each story requires a study and a specific process: this is what makes Botolini a different company.

1. Meeting

Talking, getting to know the customer is a fundamental step for us: our work passes through the corporate DNA that must be transmitted precisely at this stage.


2. Analysis

Once the identity of the company has been absorbed, our staff works to give life to the project, putting creativity, competence and experience at the customer's service.


3. Production

Hands, heads and machines work simultaneously to produce a unique project: uniqueness is one of the characteristics of Botolini, because each job is part of the individual company.


4. Color

The ultimate goal is always color: we color companies, events, books; we do it with prints, stationery, signs, clothing, gadgets. We value corporate identity.

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Blocks of carbonless paper of all sizes. With the possibility of customization.