It's not every day one
browses in a printers...
To visit a lithographer
is a thrilling experience.



Litografia Botolini has been in the Graphic Design/Print Industry field since 1952, with commitment, dedicated personnel and four generations of entrepreneurs. 
Our aim is to satisfy the requests of our clients by offering products at a cost-effective price, while maintaining extremely high quality standards, an impeccable and complete customer service, all within a rapid and guaranteed time-frame.
These are the characteristics by which we are known.
The passion employed in our business sustains our livelihood and company growth.
The configuration of the company, our technical qualities, and our organizational skills allow us to live up to our potential as an efficient team.
In conclusion, we live in the present but look constantly to the future.



We are regularly upgrading
our machinery and technology,
training our persounel, and
continually researching the quality
of print and various supports used.
Our experienced and qualified staff offers graphic design and creativity. Projects are received and managed digitally. In the initial phase, jobs are verified and elaborated for press. Our workflow is completely electronic and we use Computer to Plate (CTP)  technology to create our offset printing plates, an auto-developing process which allows us to respect the environment by eliminating harmful chemicals. The quality of the plate incisions is monitored using professional control calibration.
Our state of the art printers also give us the opportunity to offer high quality colour proofs with exceptional chromatic fidelity.
The offset printing department is comprised of "full-optional" leading edge presses, which, as a result of constant maintenance and upgrades, guarantee the highest quality standards. Worth mentioning is our new Heidelberg CX 70x100 5 colour with a varnish coating unit, one of the highest quality printing presses on the market. Printing is monitored using Axis Control system, an automatic spectrophotometric control system, which maintains density
values, cromatic balance and Lab (Delta measurements) values constant throughout the printing process. 
By using ISO quality papers and inks we are able to reproduce perfectly identical reprints. These are the conditions that are fundamental for high quality prints.
At Litografia Botolini, besides our offset presses, we have a state of the art digital printer to satisfy the needs of our clients for quick turnaround or small quantity jobs, while maintaining the highest quality prints at affordable prices. For these reasons, the installation of our top Xerox printers has allowed us to satisfy even the most urgent jobs.
Furthermore, by offering the possibility of printing variable data, without limits on colour or graphics, we can produce complicated jobs while maintaining low costs.
For books we use a hot polyurethane glue binding which guarantees sturdy, long lasting products.
Final preparation of jobs that come  off of the presses is done using multiple processes, from our exclusive 180° binding, to our saddle stitching with square spine, to our polyurethane glue perfect binding, for even quicker finishing. Other services we offer are spiral binding, raised printing, letterpress, die cutting and foil printing.
Trustworthy partners allow us to guarantee quality and timeframes for services such as lamination and various serigraphic varnishing, as well as classic sewn or hard cover bindings. Our services are complemented by our logistic management; a spacious warehouse
for pre-shipping preparation and storage, and personalized packaging for all types of consignment.
Our interpretation of quality is summed up with this "original" definition.

Once workers were not servants. They were workers. They nourished an honor, an absolute honor, as honor requires. The leg of the chair was well made. That was natural, it was understood. That was a pre-eminence. 
The goal was not the salary, or proportional to the salary; neither was it to please the boss, the inspector or the client. The product was to be well made in itself, for itself, and according to its nature. A tradition emerged, evolving through the people, a legend, an absolute demanding that the chair should be well made. Every hidden part of the chair was manufactured to the same perfection
as those visible. By the same principle cathedrals were built. Am I the only one, debased as I am, who is so concerned?
For in them, there was no shadow of deliberation. It wasn't about being seen or not, the work itself had to be well done.
(Charles Pèguy 1913)

Care for the environmenthumanity and the ecosystemre important priorities for Litografia Botolini. By using innovative printing machines, ecological production processes, certified materials and efficient energy our conception of  "green" is rendered complete.


R&S added value

Our incessant activity in research and development in order to propose innovative
with added value is renowned. Printing systems, special inks, original papers and exclusive finishing techniques are carefully chosen and proposed.
Edigit: using a UT management system, quotations, cost evaluation and orders are all connected in an automatic electronic flow.
Heidelberg: Undisputed world leader in printing press production, with the exclusive gamma Speedmaster.
Xerox: For the provision of professional digital printing technology.


publishing house

We recently acquired a publishing house, InEdition;a leader in Italy for scholastic textbooks and graphic design textbooks.In addition to essays, literature and poetry, inEdition demonstrates particular interest in contemporary.

InEdition donates to the non-profit organization Orphan House which, as a main priority helps orphans and abandoned children. Currently, its activities are concentrated in the province of Battambang, Cambodia, where there is already a construction which houses 10 children, and a school. For present accomplishments and future projects visit our





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